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Welcome to Fondle My Eggs! A community geared towards clicking, viewing and showing off pretty much any adoptable out there you can imagine!

This is an unofficial community created to aid in the growth of adoptables and virtual pets.

1. Please limit yourself to a single post per day.
2. Conversation is fine as long as it stays on topic relating to your adoptables.
3. If posting NSFW adoptables PLEASE place them behind an LJ-Cut along with a fair warning. There are no exceptions.
4. Flaming/Spamming is not tolerated here. This is your warning.
5. If posting a lot of adoptables, please place the majority of them under an LJ-Cut.
-- These kind of sites tend to have several tiny images you can post for clicks and views. Imagine that multiplied by everyone on the comm and you'll hear your browser lagging to death. Be considerate of this!
6. There is to be absolutely no post deleting. Anyone caught doing this will be banned.
-- This is to prevent post/thread breaking. HOWEVER, in the event of an accidental multi-post, the extra post may be deleted without penalty.
7. Posting adverts for RPs/Click Sites/Adoptables/Whatever is perfectly fine as long as they are placed under an LJ-Cut.

Proper Etiquette/Guidelines
1. If posting, please go back and click other people's eggs/adoptables if you have the time. It's only fair!
2. Please don't post your eggs/adoptables in other people's threads. This is extremely rude!
3. Letting people know you've helped them out with a comment on their thread is (not required, but) greatly appreciated.

None yet! If interested please message volmise or karzuen if you'd like your community to become an affiliate.